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Posted on Friday, December 16, 2022

    • We are genuine in our interactions and show up with the confidence and candor our work requires.
    • We speak truth to power, challenging biases and standing up for what is right.
    • We value equity and set expectations for fair and just treatment among our team and our stakeholder groups.
    • We resolve conflict through open and honest dialogue, and work to find solutions using asset-based approaches.

    • We honor our own humanity and the humanity of those around us by celebrating our differences, finding joy in each day, and prioritizing our wellness.
    • We care for the communities we serve at Catalyst:Ed and strive to understand their needs.
    • We operate and execute our work with care by considering the needs of our team and/or our stakeholders.
    • We care for ourselves by understanding and advocating for what we need in order to do and to be our best.

    • We are guided by our individual and collective purpose.
    • We are intentional with our words and our actions, practicing presence, listening first, and seeking solutions that support the needs of our teams and partners.
    • We take time to reflect and listen to understand, so that we learn from our experiences and that of others to create better solutions.
    • When we identify gaps, we do the work to close them by utilizing the resources available to us.

    • We value learning and listening.
    • We welcome feedback and look for ways to grow and develop in our behaviors and interactions.
    • We do not rush to judge others or ourselves. We show empathy and when relevant, consider other perspectives.
    • We continuously seek to gain more knowledge and awareness about ourselves, our team, and our stakeholders